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Save/export chat transcript to a file.

  • Because a lot of useful information often passes between people in chat, it would be great if we could hit a button and save the chat transcript to a file.

    I know you can drag-select the whole lot and then copy+paste that into a text document, but that's not always easy, especially on a tablet or mobile device. So a one button solution would really help... or even a "Select all + copy" button, so that we then just need to paste it into a document. You can't use select all by default because it selects all text on the page, so it would need confining to just chat text.

  • @LeeC2202 This would probably make more sense as a feature request for NodeBB, the forums system that I use: https://community.nodebb.org/category/5/feature-requests. This change would be too complex for me to integrate against their current system, sorry.

  • @rappo Not a problem, I'll drop a post onto that site... thanks.

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