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GTA Instantly crashing when entering amanda's vehicle during Father Son mission

  • Hi, I have a problem with the mission Father Son. Whenever I press F to enter Amanda's red car, the game crashes instantly. I am playing with mods and scripts. I am aware it may be because i've touched files in the original update.rpf and patchday3ng and mppatchesng. May I get some help?

    I've touched player_one, player_two, player_zero.
    To be more exact, I have deleted the 3 folders mentioned above from


    And I have also replaced some of the files from the folders in x64v with modded ones.


    I have tried validating files, and although I had 2 broken/missing files which took up to 3,5GB, I still have this issue.

    Should I try to delete the whole update.rpf and x64v.rpf and validate again in order to get the original ones back?

    This is a stupid act of not backuping files :D So sorry for taking your time for this big post, I'll be happy to receive help.

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