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We need a category on the mod site for ARS races.

  • Title. ARS is one of the best racing mods I've seen, and I'd like to see a category for it to help find it on the mod site for custom tracks.

  • Not a whole new category, more so a new tag.


    @mrwallace888 Making an specific category for just 1 mod is not worth it. Even if it was going to be worth it, it's not possible due to the fact that the site structure is complex and would require a lot of work (probably a rebuild) and time being put by the devs (which they can't spend on this sadly).

    On the other hand, why would a single mod need an specific tag? Makes no sense unless it's a mod like Menyoo which provides resources and/or tools/options for the creation of additional mods.

  • @Reyser but ARS has a track builder and there are few right-of-the-bat ARS compatible tracks out there, so at least making a tag for it would be nice imo

  • I agree a tag could be useful, although I don't know if ARS is popular enough to warrant a tag. But, adding a tag like race or similar wouldn't hurt anything.

    Edit: I see there is already a racetrack tag. So maybe the tag should not be race because it could cause confusion.


    The racetrack tag can work for ARS tracks as well as it does for any other. I don't see a reason to have an specific tag for it when there's that global one.

  • racetrack seems to be for any map that is a racetrack. So there's no way to differentiate between map racetrack, and AI race pathing (ARS).

  • ARS is a much better variant of the race scripts since it doesn't use AI pathing, but rather uses a custom racing line setup and stuff. Since it has a more functional system, it'll likely start to replace Street Racing and Community Races. I'd love to get more custom ARS tracks instead of community races, so a tag could be nice.

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