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Open IV error Unable to load image file

  • So I made an image file in the .dds format through GIMP, followed several videos exactly step by step to add the texture. I move the .odr file over to Open IV to convert and I get this

    Some files not imported, more information below.

    woodfloor.otx(Line 3): Unable to load image file "woodfloor.dds".

    I have no friggin idea where I'm going worng here. Mind you I am a bit new to developing for GTA V
    Programs used
    Code Walker
    Open IV
    Auto Desk 3ds Max 2016

  • @ctex1984 Have you tried using texture toolkit?

  • Yes And now I have a new problem. I can embed the texture and it will show from top view but not bottom in game.

  • @ctex1984 Are you sure the texture is mapped to the bottom? If not, you're going to have to manually map it in a 3d editing program. Secondly, is this a gta vanilla model you're trying to edit or is this a custom model?

  • @ctex1984 I also got the same error how to fix it.even please tell the reason. Please help

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