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Custom Radio Stations script error?

  • Hey guys ive followed all instrucitions to get this running but it doesnt load and i see a lot of errors, certain files couldnt load, all files are in the correct place and everything done correctly. I am using game version 1.41 i believe. Any help would be greatly appreciated as ive tried so many mods to get something like this because self radio doesnt work for me.

    hope for some replies. thanks

  • @CMAC86
    Can't help with Custom Radio Stations, that will require the mod author to update it, but just wanted to say that you can probably get Self Radio working by using NativeUI v1.7.
    It's perhaps not ideal, having to drop back to an older version of NativeUI, as it may cause any scripts you have installed that expressly require a newer version to start throwing errors of their own.
    You could also try PlayMyMusic as it's a much more recent than Self Radio & doesn't require NativeUI (I've not tested it tho, so can't comment on functionality).
    Hope something there helps anyway. Best of luck :thumbsup:

  • Hey dude thanks for the reply. I don't know which version I have installed, I'll check that out now. I'm assuming it doesn't work because I have an updated versions of GTA? Such a great idea for a mod/script. I tried another self radio mod but that freezes and stops. I haven't tried your suggestions but I will. Thanks

    My version is Native UI 1.9. I'm gonna put that a side and install 1.7 to see what happens. If that doesn't work I'll try the other mod you suggested thanks.

  • @CMAC86
    As long as it's jedijosh920's Self Radio you're using, it'll work perfectly with NativeUI v1.7 :thumbsup:
    It only plays '.mp3's & you stick them in 'Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\Self Radio Music'
    I'm not sure shuffle works, but other than that, it works perfectly (no crashes or stability issues etc) :thumbsup:

    Any issues, set the 'SelfRadio.ini' up like this:

    ; Self Radio
    ; Version: 1.2
    ; Author: jedijosh920

    Also, volume is the top left & right shoulder buttons (L1 & R1 etc)

  • Thank you for your help, When pressing J the menu pops up like it did when I used NativeUI 1.9. it's a little temperamental, it works then sometimes it freezes and the menu won't appear again after pressing J, I've only tried a DJ mix that I had on live radio which is around 250mb so it could be that. I'll investigate more with smaller mp3s. Thanks alot man. I'm thinking maybe it is compatible with NativeUI 1.9 and I just have to try smaller mp3s

  • @CMAC86
    Yeah, try that out, it's rock solid for me. Biggest '.mp3' I have is ~14mb (~6mins long).
    Also, shuffle is ON by default, make sure it is OFF by setting 'SelfRadio.ini' like above post :thumbsup:
    Make sure 'NAudio.dll' is v1.7.3.0
    Better yet, just try my files, extract (extract here) 'SelfRadio 1.2.zip' into 'scripts' folder.
    If you download the '.zip', before you extract it, right-click on it > 'Properties' > '[Unblock]' > '[OK]' (that will unblock all the files in the '.zip' in one go).

  • Gent, anything below the settings area should be off? I'm gonna try some smaller mp3 files now. Your a legend. Pity that the custom radio stations isn't working. I wanted to create my own radio stations with the mod. The creator doesn't seem to be around.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks alot mate. Yes my version is 1.7.3 so we've the same setup. I'm copying over some mp3s from my hard drive here. Gonna put them in and see how it goes. Thanks!

  • @CMAC86
    Hope it works :thumbsup:
    Yeah, a lot of the music/radio player mods seem to have been forgotten about :slight_frown:

    @CMAC86 said in Custom Radio Stations script error?:

    anything below the settings area should be off?

    Setting 'Shuffle=false' in 'SelfRadio.ini' should work too, but for some reason I have removed that completely (try both out if you like).
    Can only figure the setting was a bit funky, so I removed it completely just to be sure. It certainly works removed fully (like previous post example).

    I edited my previous post to include a link to the files I'm using ('SelfRadio.dll', 'SelfRadio.ini', 'NAudio.dll' (v1.7.3.0) & 'NativeUI.dll' (v1.7)), try them out if you like :thumbsup:

    Even if you don't use my files, be sure to check the files you do have installed & unblock them if they need it (especially, the '.dll's). That'll make sure they are able to function correctly/fully & Windows doesn't put them into lockdown because they came from another computer.

    Full Radio Experience:
    I've actually extracted a lot of the ads/intros/outros etc from the real radio stations in the game, converted them to '.mp3' & set them up to play inbetween songs for the full radio experience. It's a bit of work, but works really well & you get to choose what plays etc (funniest or most appropriate ads/comments etc. Number the files to control the play order etc).

    Be sure to try a wide array of '.mp3's from various sources, just in case Self Radio/NAudio.dll is a bit finicky about what it will play.

    Try it out in an empty 'scripts' folder with just the essential Self Radio files there. Just in case another script is conflicting with it etc.

    Extra (just so you know. Nothing to do with your issue):
    Having any files in:
    \Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music
    has been known to cause lag/slowdown in-game for some, even if you are not using Rockstar's inbuilt Self Radio feature. Make sure that folder is empty. :thumbsup:

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