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Can I ask for help regarding LSPDFR crashes in this forum?

  • Hey guys, idk if its okay to ask for help regarding lspdfr crashes in this forum. If it isn't, by all means I hope my post gets deleted by admins. But if it is, HELP ME!!!

    I'm not the brightest star in the sky, but I'm not dumb either. Most errors I get i can work around by myself by looking it up in forums or other websites.

    But now I am pissed af.

    The LSPDFR plugin keeps crashing when the loading screen ends, and I have to load the plugin again to play it. I know it works after I load it manually, but that shit is tiring.

    I have the log from the Rage console from start to the termination of the plugin. Maybe you guys can help me sort this problem out.

    Idk how to attach a text file of the crash log, however I have it uploaded in my post here :

    I'll also enumerate the plugins and mods I have installed.

    Any help would be appreciated guys. Ease up on the newbie okay? :)



    Clouds for VisualV

    RadianceV + VisualV visualsettings.dat


    Realistic Gun Sounds (RGS)

    Map Editor

    Map Builder

    RT Handling Editor by IKT

    Smooth Throttle

    Manual Transmission by IKT

    NFS Gauge

    Inverse Power


    Enhanced Native Trainer


    Extended Camera Settings

    Heap and Packfile Limit Adjuster

    Automatic Siren Cutout



    LSPDFR (duh)

    Arrest Manager

    Assorted Callouts



    Chill Callouts


    Copper Callouts

    ELS V1.05

    Enhanced LSPD Cop by RekRam V4 (gta5-mods.com)

    Felony Stop

    Hero Cop


    LSPD Vehicle Pack 2.0.0 by Capt. 14

    Police Smart Radio

    Priority Callouts

    Radar Gun (Marksman Pistol)

    Random Callouts

    Real Gun Names


    Super Callouts

    Traffic Control

    Traffic Policer

    Ultimate Backup

    United Callouts

    Vocal Dispatch

    Wilderness Callouts

    Forests of SA ymap

    GTAV Remastered ymap

    Highway Scenario ymap

    I can assure you guys that all these plugins and mods are the latest that are available. Most of them for LSPDFR 0.4.7 and 0.4.2

    This is, I think, all the stuff I have installed in my vanilla LSPDFR GTAV folder.

    Help me please <3

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