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Optimizing gameconfig?

  • tl;dr - what gameconfig values do I change to have a more stable game with a lot of traffic, variety, and some ymaps/textures.

    Hello all, Im very much a novice still at modding the game but Im hoping I could get some tips/guidance on optimizing my gameconfig file for my system.

    My goal is to have a lot of dense and varied traffic. Im using lore-friendly vehicle mods to add to the variety (and yes, I have been combining the separate addons into packs), ymaps like VRemastered, and LA_ROADS.

    Now, my issue rn is that the game seems to crash after some arbitrary amount of time. No error messages pop up. At first I thought it might be some conflict with the mods I installed but that doesnt seem to be the case after testing most of them one by one.

    I have been experimenting with some values in the gameconfig file and while it has increased the time I can play, it does still crash eventually. So Im hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

    Ill list out most of the mods and my system specs below if you need them:

    • IVPack, World of Variety, OverhauledTrains

    • NaturalVision Remastered w/ENB preset

    • LA ROADS (not revo), VRemastered, Map Fixes, JRod's Airport YMap

    • Various lore friendly vehicle addons (I have been combining them into packs like "spbikes", "spstreet", etc. Im not done yet but I should only have around 3-4 addons at the end that contain a fair bit of vehicles each).

    In settings.xml, I wish to set CityDensity to 2, Ped/VehicleDensity to 10 or 20. If there are other methods I can use to increase traffic density, the no. of parked cars, and variety, pls let me know; Ill greatly appreciate it.

    Specs: i7 7700K, 2x16 DDR4 3000MHz, 1080Ti. Game runs off of a 7200RPM HDD.

    Thanks :)

  • Hello, i suggest you reset yours value in settings at 1.0 and looking at this topic to see how traffic works.

    [link text]https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/18468/improved-traffic-densities-the-most-comprehensive-tutorial-yet(link url)

    I change my traffic with the gameconfig files, vehicles.meta files and popcycle. About a good gameconfig, you push your system really hard with x20 in density, try to check and compare those 3 popular gameconfig from F7YO Gameconfig, that one in Vanillawoks extended and
    the WoV add-on vehicles gameconfig, in the side bar.

  • @psychosn4ke thank you, genuinely; that post is perfect. Dont know how I didnt manage to find it when I searched around.

    As for the random CTDs mentioned in my OP, I narrowed it down to VRAM usage (if Im not mistaken). The error I found when I looked through EventViewer claimed it was clr.dll, but none of my scripts were broken, and every redist on my system up-to-date (afaik).

    Lowering my settings.xml density to 1.50000 and reducing extended draw distance "fixed" the issue, and the game doesnt crash mere minutes after loading a save anymore. If anyone else finds themselves stuck with random CTDs, try looking into VRAM usage guess /shrug

  • I am glad i helped you a bit, im newby there too.

    I had also tons of crash, now my system looks pretty stable even with some big packs. Im looking now more for diversity in my city while im trying to push step by step some density/variety values.

    I play in 4k with a motherboard from 2013 , with a tons of vehicle added. So if you synergize well all files, you can do very good things, relatively stable but that cost a lot of time and searches.

    Also i modifed the "Packfiles Limit" files, the "Memory Heap Adjuster" files and added "CScenarioPoint". I have the feeling that thoses helped my gameconfig files.

  • @psychosn4ke you're probably aware of this already but just in case (and for anyone else browsing through the forums)

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/popgroups-ymt-generator-natural-add-on-dlc-traffic -> makes modifying the popgroups sooo much easier.

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