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There's something wrong with the tail light. Ask for help

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  • Do you mean its too dim?

  • The tail lights of all vehicles shine on the floor

  • This affected me to play the game, can you help me?

  • @chusdw
    I hate that effect too :thumbsup:, distracting to be chased by it when driving & it also makes exhaust smoke & dust kicked up glow red.

    It's controlled by the '<tailLight>' section in the vehicle's 'carcols.meta/.ymt'

            <intensity value="0.00000000"/> <!-- Lower this value to reduce intensity of red colour on ground. 0.0000 = OFF completely -->
            <falloffMax value="0.10000000"/>
            <falloffExponent value="16.00000000"/>
            <innerConeAngle value="45.00000000"/>
            <outerConeAngle value="90.00000000"/>
            <emmissiveBoost value="false"/>
            <color value="0xFFFF0000"/>
            <mirrorTexture value="true"/>

  • This post is deleted!

  • @a63nt-5m1th Can this solve all vehicles

  • @a63nt-5m1th It did n’t use all cars. It ’s still like that. I ’ve tried to modify all of them.

  • @chusdw said in There's something wrong with the tail light. Ask for help:

    Can this solve all vehicles

    Yeah, it works on all vehicles, but you'll have to search out all the 'carcols.ymt/.meta' files in the 'mods' folder & edit them all to have it work on every vehicle.

    Use 'Ctrl+F3' in openIV to find them all & edit all the various '<tailLight>' entries in the '<Lights>' sections in every carcols individually (Note: just '<tailLight>' section, leave the other tailLight sections as is).
    There will be a lot of carcols files to edit. I have 109 carcols in my game for example. 'carcols.ymt' alone will require 77 '<tailLight>' file edits to cover all the different vehicle lights in there & then you have dlc & add-on 'carcols.meta's to edit on top of that.

    Note: To catch every single vehicle, you'll need to make sure all carcols the game loads exist in the 'mods' folder, any '.rpf's, that have a carcols loaded by the game in them, missing from the 'mods' folder, will mean those carcols will be loaded from the game folder instead. Rather than editing vanilla files, you want to move the '.rpf's to the 'mods' folder & edit them there instead.

    Test the '<tailLight>' edit out on an add-on vehicle & if it's still not working, give me a download link to that add-on & I'll test it in my game & then send you the 'carcols.meta'. :thumbsup:

    There are a few different tailLight-esque sections for each light setting in carcols. Make sure you are editing only the '<tailLight>' section (not 'tailLightCorona' for example).
    Also, spawn the vehicle a few times, & ideally change location using a trainer while testing, as I have seen old settings stick & changing location needed for the new '<tailLight>' edits to actually change/show up.

    Have a go at that & see how you get on. If you're still having issues, give me a shout & we'll investigate further :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I found the problem, when I reinstalled Visualv, it solved the problem of the tail light illuminating the floor,of thank you for helping me

  • @chusdw
    Nice one :slight_smile:, glad you got it fixed :thumbsup:

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