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Looking to pay a modder to help me create.

  • Lets talk. I have a list of links I want installed and I have things I want but dont know where to find them. No bullshit. Know your shit. Coding please. Waste my time you dont get paid.


  • For one, you probably want to post this is into Installation Help & Troubleshooting, not Off-Topic.

    For two, if you have the links to everything you want installed, then just install them, all good mods will have a readme file with installation instructions.

    For three, with an attitude like that, no-one is going to want to help even if you do struggle with the simple installation instructions.

  • You have an attitude that I think will turn most coders away.

    Not exactly sure if what you're wanting is help installing mods, or for someone to create mods for you (since you specify coding as a requirement). If the latter, this should be in Requests, and maybe you should give at least a general idea of what you're wanting. Nobody wants to start a "job" without knowing what they'll be doing, or if they'd even be qualified.

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