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Need guidance on Installing Redux 1.8 and MVGA 2.65 together

  • The reason I am creating this post is because on almost all Redux 1.8 guides available it says to install the OIV on the games Folder instead of the mods folder whereas for any MVGA 2.65 guide it asks me to install it in the Mods folder / Hence my question is if I am replacing source files on two different locations how are both the mods going to work together ? I feel like only MVGA is working with the Reshade filters I installed with redux . Kindly clarify my doubt someone .

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    @nVDX007 install both mods into the mod folder. If you want Redux game play with MVGA graphics then install Redux first then MVGA. If you install MVGA first then Redux, Redux will overwrite all the changes from MVGA.

  • @InfiniteQuestion

    I did install Redux first and then MVGA and thats why I feel that MVGA graphics is being displayed . But every guide out there asks me to install Redux in the main games folder and not the mods folder . Does this mean that I am anyway getting the redux gameplay and looking at MVGA graphics ?

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