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Custom car sounds are distorted

  • Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could find out why my custom sounds for GTA V sound so weird and distorted.

    I will upload video examples soon, but I created sounds for the following cars:

    Ferrari Enzo
    McLaren F1 and LM
    Saleen S7 TT
    Koenigsegg CCX

    My problem is that my custom sounds are distorted sounding, almost like it's playing the same sound at different intervals. The sound files themselves are in the correct format and the files themselves are very loud If I kept them at the default volume levels the cars would be unusually quiet.

    My question is, why do custom car sounds end up sounding so distorted? I recorded the car audio the same way the default sounds were recorded yet my files sound distorted. I even downloaded someone elses car sound mod and it had the same result. Is this just the way custom sounds end up on GTA V?

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