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doors and gates of buildings disappeared

  • after i had installed menyoo, map builder, native ui and map editor and installed mods to open storymode buildings, and installed single player garages suddenly the gates and doors at michels house or the workshops are simply no longer there, everything is open ...

    because someone has a clue it could be ahead?

    In addition, for some time now I have repeatedly crashed in the middle of the game with a reference in safe mode or downloaded graphics ... and I have already screwed down everything that goes with 16 ram RAM, an RTX 2070s, an i7 processor should not be necessary .. vlt also here someone has a clue what could be the reason, in principle the picture stops, a permanent sound sounds like a high-revving engine and nothing works anymore, must then be removed manually via ctrl alt remove the game. ...can it be because there are about 350 modcars too many? or a faulty modcar causing this crash or the collision of different types of trainers? I have no idea ^^

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