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[MISC] [RELEASED] World Of Variety

  • update3: Army wanted level: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1bywsbnvenoslxb/army+wanted+level.oiv

    update2: Story mode BETA testing. Removes assets from WOV that will conflict with story mode. Read the installer instructions before installing. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rkips3nqnm429z1/wov+-+story+mode.oiv

    update1: In collaboration with the RDE team. WOV will be included with RDE 3.0. Users will have the option of installing a fully compatible version of WOV & RDE. Once you have downloaded RDE 3.0 choose the WOV option and install.


    Even though world of variety has been released for sometime now. There is still a lot that i would like to see added and expanded on.
    So the main point of this topic is to reach out to the community to get directly involved with the production of world of variety.
    Links will also be posted here for testing the latest versions of W.O.V


    If you would like to contribute to WOV with ideas, scripts, models, textures etc. Leave a post or PM me via the chatrooms.

    Contributors will be credited and linked.

    Uploading any mod that you didnt get permission for is against the site rules.
    So when submitting contributions you must be the original author.
    Please be respectful of others.


    Before posting. Have you read all the information on the download page and README file?
    If you have then please provide the following:

    • Firstly run a test and post results (see the support section in the README file that comes with the mod)

    • WOV options installed.

    • Other mods installed. That includes replaced and add-on peds and vehicles.

    • Screenshot of GTA V root folder

    • OpenIV installation log

    Please show patience if i dont respond. I maybe unavailable.
    Any questions that can be answered by reading the description of the mod and readme file will be ignored.

  • Maybe for some Ideas:
    -Ask Lundy if you can incorporate some of his Vehicles into WOV...


    These would fit very well into the Game to expand the Law Enforcement Fleet.

    Youga and Slamvan3 have various rusty Liveries which would look cool to see in the Countryside or in the Salt Area.
    I wonder if there is a Way to alter the Traffic Variation via Scripts.I remember a Script that once existed.It replaced double Cars in Traffic when out of Camera View.Lets say there are two Kurumas behind you.The script would detect them and replace one Kuruma with a Car from an ini List.
    Im just wondering because it seems that the Game is pretty much unable to cope a long List of Vehicles in Popgroups. Besides that,keep on your amazing Work.When i first saw your Mod i thought "ehh....this messes around with my Game too much by adding new Groups etc...." Now i think "how did i ever live without this amazing Mod?" The Game feels so much more alive. I was in Families Turf with Franklin and used a Gun to shoot someone or something.Usually the whole Families Gang Members would try to kill me,no matter if Franklin was Part of the Gang or not. Now,only two random Strangers were trying to kill me and the green Gang didnt even bother.
    And i love seeing all those customized Cars in the various Hoods etc.

  • Thank you for the links and ideas. I will check them out later.

    I remember seeing that script. Never tried it though. Sounds like it could be quite buggy and have a big performance price. If you wanted to increase the variety. Changing the variety multiplier to 2.0 will make literally every car different. At a performance cost but no bugs.

  • @Cass I admit I haven't ever played with this mod, but i think it's awesome. But I think what you really want is Realism Dispatch Enhanced's Popcycle, as they not only have cars you want, but will spawn them based on location with different liverys for each one. Plus it adds like 20 new law enforcement units (almost every one you can think of, did you know that Highway Patrols have their own swat teams?), a ton of more new cars and peds, and therefore WAY more variety. My suggestion is to just tell people to RDE on top of it. Although changing the variety multiplier would be a good idea. But why would that effect performance? I mean, it dosen't add more cars, just makes them different, right?

  • RDE adds a ton of new law enforcement vehicles, 3.0 even more so. Maybe try asking Yard1?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Cass You know there's tons of "vanilla edit" cars that take an in-game car and modify it, often in ways that make sense for what they are based on, like many of @Bob322's mods, https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/elegy-rh8-mandem-widebody-editon-replace-livery-support#comment-702247 and future projects by @TGIJ, and some of @tall70's mods, like https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/short-granger take a look https://www.gta5-mods.com/all/tags/vanilla-edit though some mods like tall70 aren't tagged.

  • In collaboration with the RDE team. WOV will be included with RDE 3.0. Users will have the option of installing a fully compatible version of WOV & RDE. Once you have downloaded RDE 3.0 choose the WOV option and install.

  • @Cass Im super exited for RDE and the Collaboration with you. Since you are always looking for new Ideas on what to add to WOV,i have something: Yesterday i did the Car Race next to the Airport and i wondered if it would be possible that the NPCs from that Race drive Cars that can be decorated with Liveries and Designs.I mean it would look nice if the Player comes with a fully customized Car and everyone in the Race is also competing with a customized Tuner,Supersport etc...
    Another little Addition i wouldnt mind seeing (if not already included) is the MTL Dune in Racing Livery in the random Events where you can see various Offroad Trucks racing along the Beach. Aside from that,keep up the great Work,youre doing a great Job and i really enjoy your Mod.
    I also have a small Question for you:
    Let`s say i want to add a bunch more Cars to your modified popgroups.ymt File (of course for personal use only) do i also need to edit the Gamesconfig so it can handle the bigger Lists in the Vehicle Groups?

  • @Chris-W. I don't see any problems with making the list bigger.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Preview the next installment of WOV.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Wow :O Securo serv guards

  • Possibly?
    alt text

    alt text

  • @Cass
    Wow! Looks very nice! When do you release the Update?

  • @Schwingeplay Hopefully around the next dlc update

  • Beautiful! You should add the media on the dispatch. You know, like in III-Era GTAs, where a news helicopter would be around when police chase you? (Is that even possible to do?)

  • @Cass Ohhh,the Cheval Surge and the Dilletante as Taxis,nice.
    At least the Dilletante might actually be a realistic Choice because the old Fords get replaced by them.
    Another Idea for a Taxi would be the Vapid Radius.
    Can't wait to see your new WOV Version in RDE...
    Keep on the great work🖒

  • @Stryfaar thought that myself. I'll Look into to it. See if it's plausible.

  • @Stryfaar do you know the model name for the video camera used in the mission 'meltdown' (movie premiere mission)?

  • @Cass Awesome man! Hoping to see it.

    Regarding the video camera, I think it's called "prop_v_cam_01.ydr", located at: "Grand Theft Auto V\x64c.rpf\levels\gta5\props\lev_des\lev_des.rpf\prop_v_cam_01.ydr"

  • @Cass
    So far,the new Version works like a Charme with IV Pack,i only noticed a little Hickup...,your added Taxis (nice Choice btw,and you are right,those new Colors exist in LA,even saw white Taxis with darkblue Roofs and red Livery...hint,hint) overwrite the Merit and Stanier Taxi from IV Pack.
    Is there any Way you could change that and make those two Cars spawn,too?
    Also i`m wondering if the IV Pack Law Enforcement Vehicles are also spawning on Road and parked.

  • @Chris-W. Find the IV pack vehicle models and change the names of the taxis to taxi4 and taxi5. This is something I over looked.
    If you need them in traffic. All the other files relating to those vehicles will need changing.

    Police vehicles that can be added to traffic has been.

  • @Cass What do you mean by "All the other files relating to those vehicles will need changing"?
    So i suppose renaming the Files in the dlcpack/pres Folder won`t do anything,right?
    What else needs to be changed?

  • @Chris-W. I will update soon, mate.

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