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is there a method that increases rate of fire of automatic weapons?

  • I wanna make and smg to fire at about 1200 rpm and I cannot figure out how to do so

  • I guess your answer is in Update.rpf/common/data/ai/ weapons.meta

    @kandy0205 I didn't really checked all the lines of each weapons in it, but for a first guess I would say 'TimeBetweenShots value='.

    Probably 'Speed value=' too, but I guess it's the speed value of bullets. But you can still try.

    Hope it can help.

  • @epoqx said in is there a method that increases rate of fire of automatic weapons?:

    'TimeBetweenShots value='

    Yeah, that's the one :thumbsup:

    I'm guessing a value of ~0.05 will get you near 1200rpm:

    1200/60 = 20 rounds per sec. 1.0s/20 rounds = 0.05 etc

  • @a63nt-5m1th I change the timebetween shots value for <TimeBetweenShots value="0.0400000" but the rof didn't change

  • @kandy0205
    Has been a while since I edited any weapons right enough (like ~4 years).

    Try having a play around with the '<AnimFireRateModifier value=' in 'weaponanimations.meta' (the 'weaponanimations.meta' files are usually in the same folder as whatever 'weapons.meta' you are editing).
    Basically, you increase the '<AnimFireRateModifier value=' for that weapon to make the animation play faster.
    It doesn't really affect the sound of the gunfire much/if at all, from what I remember (you would need to edit the audio files for that obvs), but you'll notice the change in how it uses up ammo. :thumbsup:

  • @kandy0205

    TimeBetweenShots value= (weapons.meta):
    Got round to having a little play with the rate of fire in my game & can confirm that 'TimeBetweenShots value=' in 'weapons.meta' does indeed work, it's just not linear (ie you can't calculate a value beforehand (at least until the relationship is plotted/calculated), you need to just keep lowering the value until you find the fire rate you want).

    Going from:

    	<TimeBetweenShots value="0.100000" />


    	<TimeBetweenShots value="0.010000" />

    seemed to roughly double the fire rate for me.

    Finding the Fire Rate:
    Knowing the clip size & timing the amount of time it takes to empty it will give you a semi-accurate figure on the fire rate (a 40 round clip should take 2secs to empty for 1200rpm etc) :thumbsup:

    <AnimFireRateModifier value= (weaponanimations.meta):
    The '<AnimFireRateModifier value=' can also be used instead. Not sure about the finer details of how the two values interact, but I do remember thinking the 'TimeBetweenShots value=' was a better option & easier to work with (I tend to try & not edit anything I don't have to with GTA V & have vague memories of the '<AnimFireRateModifier value=' having limitations/causing issues once pushed too far).

    Have a play about with both values & see which one you favour.
    I doubt either value will be linear, so you'll just have to test out various values.
    Any animation issues, like the gun refusing to reload, then just stick to the 'TimeBetweenShots value='. :thumbsup:

  • I tried as you said. the fire rate value of the smg was like 0.118000 and I changed it to 0.00100. But still no fire rate changes happened. Does it also require weaponanimations.meta to be edited to work?

  • @a63nt-5m1th Ok It seems like editing AnimFireRateModifier value to 2.000000 is working. But strange thing is that the gun fires 2 rounds per one shot at a simultaneous time. And also the gun sound of firing rate didn't change at all. I don't know whether the actual fire rate has changed or it's a illution caused by 2 bullets firing at a same time that it empties the mag more fast

  • @kandy0205
    I've only really edited the RPG & Minigun, maybe a few other minor edits here & there.
    I know with the minigun, that it still causes damage even on the shots where there is no tracer & increasing it's 'TimeBetweenShots value=' allows it to blow vehicles up faster, but I've no idea if that applies to all guns. I've never edited the SMG, so haven't got a clue about that one. Sorry.

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