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[Tutorial/Doc] How to make .ydr prop assets be capable of using Alpha-Mask/transparency in the game

  • :bulb: :heavy_check_mark: This is for new mappers and to those who don't know yet who always like to use Tricks of Alpha Textures and want to make it to in-game via .ydr prop. I'd Like it posted here so that it will be not forgotten and be essential for mapping.

    This is for the ones who don't usually know how to use and don't have access to 3d modeling software or for just basic mappers because most advanced users doesn't want to share it since they have their 3ds max to do it.

    :heavy_check_mark: note: Alpha-mask is responsible for making an image work with transparency, google it to know more.

    Start of tutorial:
    1. From your props.rpf file extract the object.ydr that you want to be alpha mask enabled prop using OpenIV to open formats to anywhere you want like Desktop.

    2. Now that you extracted it , you now have the objectname.odr file and a objectname folder file (containing related files) , proceed to editing the .odr file by right-clicking it and use notepad++ to edit the file for a comfortable reason.

    3. The editing page pops.out now and we will start editing, there you will see the contents of the .odr file of your prop. . an example here below:

    example image: click here

    Version 165 32
    DiffuseSampler Metal_Steel_Textured
    HardAlphaBlend 1.00000000
    UseTessellation 0.00000000
    WetnessMultiplier 0.00000000

    in that part is the shader material , we just need to change the name of it for another appropriate name to be able for the game to recognize it as a alpha-mask/transparency capable :

    :heavy_check_mark: now start changing default.sps to cutout.sps as very simple as that.

    If you have a very long multiple entries of default.sps name then you can use notepad++ to rename them at an instant fast by using the replacer tool, press ctrl+f and look for replace tab :

    just put default.sps in |findwhat:| bar and in the |replace with:| bar you put cutout.sps then click Replace all button. and then at once all names has now replaced.

    4. Now save the changes in you objectname.odr now so you are ready to re-import them to your game files.

    5. You can now drag and drop back the .odr file to your prop.rpf in your dlc, after doing so then your prop is now made recognizable in-game as a alpha-transparency capable object when using a transparent or alpha-masked texture.

    6. Now open the game and Good Luck for mapping!
    use alpha-masking in any technique that suits you with just by a .ydr prop.

    -- a very short Tut and important matter for map creators, Thank you for reading ! --

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