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Is it possible to create a ped from a ped's hash?

  • I am trying to recreate specific peds (clothes, face etc) for a script mod.

    For example if I spawn a ped of model (code is vb.net):
    CreatedPed = World.CreatePed(New Model(PedHash.Hooker01SFY), Game.Player.Character.Position.Around(3))

    The ped will spawn with a lot of random characteristics like face, clothes, skintone, hair etc. I am assuming that when i get the peds hash (not model hash)
    for example:

    Dim Pedhash as integer = CreatedPed.gethashcode

    that this hashcode is what holds this random information. I tried using a script to create 100,000 peds and delete instantly if NOT the hashcode I'm looking for and still didn't get the exact pedhash (52023) i was looking for which had spawned previously

    Is it possible at all to create a ped with a specific pedhash (not modelhash) code or even to apply it to an existing one?

  • GetHashCode doesn't return the ped's model/clothing. It returns the ped's handle, the ID set by the game.

    You'll have to use these natives to get the clothing for each body part:

    And set clothing with this one:

  • Thank You, that's very helpful and I was way off assuming about the hashcode. I'll try this method

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