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Editing every vehicle.meta/Increasing traffic variety

  • Hey all, was wondering if there was a more convenient method to edit every vehicle.meta file (for vanilla vehicles obv). Or even an alternative to doing so; my goal is to change spawn frequencies to get more varied traffic (as just editing the settings.xml file doesnt seem to be working for whatever reason).

    They seem to be scattered across either dlc_patches or within the actual dlc itself, and while I could just edit all of them (assuming they are the right files/location), Im hoping I can avoid unnecessarily editing outdated/unused files.


  • nvm, I believe I just messed up some data file in update.rpf; I reset and installed my mods again and now the traffic is varied again as expected with the settings.xml change.

    That being said, if anyone does have a surefire method of having varied traffic, do share please.

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