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Where is the phone scroll/click/camera shutter sounds location for Online in game phones?

  • I'm playing with add on peds however when I change my ped model in game phone's clicking, scrolling, camera shutter and such sounds changes to something extremely extremely annoying  (You can easily look at it by changing your player model to another non protoganist character with a trainer). Is anyone knows the location of those sound files so I can just swap them with Micheal's phone sounds?

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Check out mods/x64/audio/sfx.

  • I did but it's not there except the camera shutter sound :( I copied everything in the audio folder and then deleted everything inside every .rpf files. The game literally had no sound at all but those annoying click and scroll buttons were still there :(

    The sounds that were gone from the phone was only camera shutter and ringtone 3. Everything was gone in main characters' phones except ringtone 1 and 2 (checked each one of them) but for any other ped model's click, scroll, ringtone 1 and 2 was still there :(

    I don't mind the ringtones, can just choose Silent ringtone in options but can't mute/change click and scroll sounds :/

  • I checked the online phones and those sounds (along with ringtones too) belong to Online phones. Anyone have any idea with that please? :(

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    This post is deleted!

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