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Loading music.

  • I want to set a certain song as the loading music for Gta, I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to?

  • @Scub If you follow the installation directions for one of the loading music mods on the site, you'll get an idea of where the music is in the game files and how to replace it. Try this one for example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/original-san-andreas-menu-loading-music.

    You'll see that you need to replace the files in td_loading_music with your own .wav files.

  • @rappo I'm using Audacity to change a mp3 file into a Wav file, I have an option of: Wav 16 Bit PCM and Wav 32 Bit PCM, I've tried using both, I extracted them to the td_loading_music folder found in that download and then imported the td_loading_music.oac from the download. I then get an error of:
    td_loading_music.oac(Line 9): Invalid WAVE audio format. Audio must be in PCM format.

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