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DVD or Download - Which is best?

  • Just bought a PC, and want to get into GTA5 modding. Is it best to buy the DVD version of the game, or download via steam? Are there any advantages / disadvantages to either method?

  • @chronologie2 If you dont have awesome fast internet I suggest getting the DVD version. Only because you may need to reinstall/verify your game files while getting good at modding & youll only need to download about 8gb after the 7 disc installation instead of downloading the entire game again. + the dvd box is just cool to actually have.

  • @Weirdoutworld thank you.... So there's no difference between the versions other than the method of delivery. I'd prefer to have the DVD version if I'm honest. Thank you for replying.

  • @chronologie2 Any time! just make sure those DVDs are kept safe. You cant scratch or destroy a digital copy...

  • @chronologie2 Handy Tip: If you get the DVD version, copy all the files off each DVD into the same folder on your hard drive and use that as your installation source.

    That way you can put the DVDs away somewhere safe and get the benefit of installing much faster, if you ever have to do a complete reinstall again.

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