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in3D can put you into GTA! | Beta is open for 20 testers!

  • Dear GTA Community,

    Our company, in3D has developed a scanning technology where we can create a full digital twin (body and head) from one video scan done with an IPhone.

    If you dreamt putting yourself into GTA - this is your opportunity!
    We are opening our Beta for the first 20 users, sign up now and we'll scan you into the GTA!

                                                             Contact me at sergei@in3d.io

    Please see below a model of our team member, scanned with our app and inserted into GTA in the link below:

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    I don't have an iPhone.


    Neat concept, I suppose it uses the iPhone's AR things and then converts it into ped textures/models?

  • @ikt Not exactly, just computer vision algorithms to reassemble you from a short 10 sec. video.
    We will roll it out for other devices soon as well.

  • Hello only iphone?? Android??

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    @Sergein3D said:> We will roll it out for other devices soon as well.

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