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So, I got Zmodeler3, and i need help??

  • I made a folder with the gta 5 weapons that im going to replace. It is the sns pistol.
    Here are the game files i took to replace the models and textures of the gun.


    -Main folder

    So here's the problem. When i opened Zmodeler3, i went to import the model files. First i wanted to replace the gun model
    and second i wanted to replace the clip and then work on the textures. So i loaded the gun first and it popped up with green boxes and i didnt see a sight of the weapon. Did i do something wrong, Cause im sure if on openiv, it shows the gun model, it would do the same thing awell since the software can load gta models.

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  • For anyone who needs a reference of what i get in the output system, and what appears on the GUI

    X - Failed to locate texture "ENV_SMOOTH_CONCRETE2.dds".
    X - Texture "env_smooth_concrete2.dds" was not found in "[search list]". file:TextureService.cpp line:581
    X - Failed to locate texture "env.dds".
    X - Texture "env.dds" was not found in "[search list]". file:TexturesService.cpp line:581
    X - No shader configuration avail for "normal_spec_alpha".

    All i see on the GUI is just x/y lines but no object of the model.

  • @Lil_Shrimp you need to click on the "L0" in the top right and those errors can be ignored, they're just saying that the textures can't be found, you can import the textures later

  • @death7991 Okay, Just for reference, The textures are the what links up to the gun? So i would take the sns pistol textures and change them to the textures that best fits the gun model and then later on it'll all just piece together, That's how im seeing it.

  • @Lil_Shrimp yeah, you could do it like that

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