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Texture disapearing on a very good computer with a few mods

  • Hello! iv e installed a few mod like Meenyo, some ped and a car, and a body guard mod and addon ped, and sometime when i spawn some peds (wich don't use some hd texture :/) the texture around me on some building street etc dispear, i got a 2080 gtx 11 go with watercooling and a really good computer so i don't know how i can resolve that! I'm a streamer too btw! If someoen can help me it would be really cool!

    It 's a fresh instal of the game and mods, i got redux, menyo, last hookV, last ScriptHookVDotNet, openIV for the peds and car addon, last Native ui, Gameconfig for (1.0.1868.0), addon guards, addonped, and for the ped i got Harley (injustice), john wick, vin diesel, tifa, fergie, miya and paul walker and for the car it the Ford Mustang Boss 302 and that's all ^^

  • Not sure would it help but I experienced the texture disappearing issue before (with a kinda different reason though) but still wanted tell about it.
    I didn't check that car but if it has multiple 2k or 4k liveries, I recommend either deleting all liveries except the one you want to use or lower their resolutions to 1k.

    What's happening to me was, I had a police car with multiple 4k liveries and when I spawn it, it was happening to me. It seems like stupid weirdo game engine trying to load all of the liveries despite only the equipped one is visible. So I would suggest checking the car's .ytd, look for others' .ytd as well. Maybe peds as well.
    If you happen to increased resolution scale in advanced settings, revert it back to normal.

    As for Redux.. Yeah. That weirdo has too many things included in it like those annoying pre-installed apps when you buy a new pc or android phone.. I would recommend copying the Timecycle files from update.rpf and it's ReShade preset, then remove the Redux entirely (which you might need to delete your mods folder since it has insane amount of useless files in it, or change it's name to modsOLD and create a new mods folder) then install VisualV. After that just replace the Timecycle files and ReShade and there is your Redux without annoying pre-installed crap. It's basically just the exact same look with Redux' visual. Many of it's codes stolen from VisualV anyway :P

    Current game version is actually 1.0.1868.1 and that gameconfig mod haven't updated yet. I myself not having any issues though (might be because I have only a few mods installed) but many people experiencing crashes. So there is a slight chance it might be that too.

    I hope any of these help you to solve that problem because it was the reason I quit playing the game 2 years ago and discovered that livery nonsense after it.

  • @Aurora11 Thank you! As i ve already installed some peds and stuff i thought about installing Redux on an other clean version in the mod folder so i can find all the files that i need to delete, do you think it's a good idea?

  • @hezediel Well, in your case I believe it's not. To clarify it, unfortunately gta modding is not like Skyrim or Fallout modding (if you are familiar with those). I mean for example, let's say you only want to change your gameconfig.xml right? But you have to copy entire update.rpf to your mods folder.

    and since Redux comes as .oiv, it's very very difficult to determine which files modified exactly and which ones are original. If you would have like 50 mods or so, I would say trying to manually remove Redux might be better but since you have only a few mods, I would say it's not worth it and most probably reinstalling all of them would be even quicker.

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