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vehicle gxt2?

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    So I exported the global.gxt2 to oxt and use the OIV hash tool to get the hex code but for some reason in game it displays (vehicle make) Null. Tried adding the year, make, and model name to a single line but then it just said Null.

    This is the first time editing a gxt2 so I don't know if I'm doing something incorrectly.

    I wrote (hex code) = (appropriate vehicle text) as I've seen it written in other gxt2 files I've examined.

    Using Notepad++ to edit the oxt file.


    you don't have to insert the hex code yourself, OpenIV does that on import

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    @ReNNie I don't understand.

    I'm replacing the hex code because I stole the dlc.rpf from another vehicle mod.

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