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Any Trainer

  • Hi guys i just want ask if there any trainer mod which not request scripthook like native trainer as i know scripthook is only for runing ASI mods right? But does script mods in script folder runing without scripthook? I searching for any trainer which not need scripthook for run


    scripts in the script folder need scripthookvdotnet, which needs scripthookv so no, you can't use scripts/trainers without scripthookv. why do you not want to use scripthookv?

  • I not say i wont use scripthook but problem is when RS release new update we need wait for new version of scripthook and thats why i search any trainer wich work without scripthook


    @blinkt just revert to an old patch while you wait

  • @Reacon
    How i never do that?

  • @Reacon Is there any known method to revert older patch and prevent the game to update itself again? (For Rockstar Warehouse version)

  • I have my Social Club updated and my Scripthook works just fine. I updated yesterday. All my mods work. There won't be an update until another game patch. Maybe your missing something which is why it won't work. Now if you have the epic games version of GTA V then it's a different story. You'll have to wait till Alexander Blade updates the ScripthookV, but that could be a while.

  • @Algonquin1234 I think he meant it generally, notspesifically for 1.0.1868.1 update. As for epic games, I hope Alexy never updates scripthook for epic :D That company is a disgrace to gaming lol :D

    Also I really need to know how to prevent auto updates of social club. Back in Steam, I used to backup my game folder and whenever game update I was letting it update and copying the game files back from the backup and it wasn't updating until another update comes out. However I read that the same method doesn't work for socil club version :/ Even after reverting back game still updating and blocking it with firewall prevents you to launch game :(

  • @Aurora11 Well there is a mod called No GTA V launcher which will prevent the social club to boot up. However, lots of people don't want to use it because as soon as they install it, Windows Defender marks it as a Trojan Horse. Even though it isn't. It's a false positive and they even provided the code they used to make the mod to prove to everyone that it isn't a Trojan.

  • @Aurora11 Yeah it's that one. It used to be an ASI but it's an exe now

  • @Algonquin1234 Thank you so much. Imma download it right away now :D

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