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Lights configuration in visualsettings.dat

  • I'm trying to configure to my taste the differents lights sources from objects in the game.

    i'm struggling a lot to find out which line works for :

    • Back 'red' car lights.
    • Post lamps lights.

    I'd like to edit the intensity, the bloom and the corona of these, but I can't seem to find the appropriate lines !


  • @epoqx
    Taillights (visualsettings.dat):
    This controls how bright the actual light fittings on the car look:

    car.taillight.day.emissive.on	44.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.on	2.0
    car.taillight.day.emissive.off	25.0
    car.taillight.night.emissive.off	2.0

    Taillights (carcols.ymt/.meta):
    This next one controls how bright the red taillight shines on the ground behind the car.
    Has to be edited individually for each vehicle's carcols:

            <intensity value="0.00000000"/> <!-- Lower this value to reduce intensity of red colour on ground. 0.0000 = OFF completely -->
            <falloffMax value="0.10000000"/>
            <falloffExponent value="16.00000000"/>
            <innerConeAngle value="45.00000000"/>
            <outerConeAngle value="90.00000000"/>
            <emmissiveBoost value="false"/>
            <color value="0xFFFF0000"/>
            <mirrorTexture value="true"/>

    Bloom (visualsetings.dat):
    Global Bloom setting. Don't think there is a Streetlight only bloom setting (not 100% sure on that tho).

    // Bloom
    bloom.threshold.min			0.4
    bloom.threshold.expsoure.diff.min	0.0
    bloom.threshold.expsoure.diff.max	0.0
    bloom.threshold.power			1.0
    bloom.blurblendmult.large		0.5
    bloom.blurblendmult.med			2.0
    bloom.blurblendmult.small		1
    misc.BloomIntensityClamp.HD	10
    misc.BloomIntensityClamp.SD	10.00

    Bloom (timecycle files):
    Also a global all light setting.

    <postfx_intensity_bloom> 0.4000 0.1000 0.0850 0.0640 0.0490 0.0320 0.0310 0.0320 0.0490 0.0640 0.0850 0.1000 0.4000</postfx_intensity_bloom>

    Corona (graphics.ytd):
    If you want the corona's removed or vastly reduced, Corona Begone offers both those options.
    Basically, it edits the 'corona' texture in 'graphics.ytd' & makes it more transparent. Edit it yourself if you have something particular in mind. :thumbsup:
    I think it's a global corona texture. Should affect all coronas, certainly edits car light coronas.

    Corona (visualsettings.dat):
    I've never edited these 'misc.coronas' settings so don't know exactly what they each do.
    Just being thorough really :slight_smile:

    # coronas
    misc.coronas.sizeScaleGlobal					0.75
    misc.coronas.intensityScaleGlobal				0.5
    misc.coronas.intensityScaleWater				0.5
    misc.coronas.sizeScaleWater						0.5
    misc.coronas.sizeScaleParaboloid				1.0
    misc.coronas.screenspaceExpansion				0.0
    misc.coronas.screenspaceExpansionWater			0.0
    misc.coronas.zBiasMultiplier					30.0
    misc.coronas.zBiasDistanceNear					50.0
    misc.coronas.zBiasDistanceFar					500.0
    misc.coronas.zBias.fromFinalSizeMultiplier 		0.1
    misc.coronas.occlusionSizeScale					0.5
    misc.coronas.occlusionSizeMax					32.0
    misc.coronas.flareCoronaSizeRatio				0.17
    misc.coronas.flareMinAngleDegToFadeIn			30.0
    misc.coronas.flareScreenCenterOffsetSizeMult	200.0
    misc.coronas.flareColShiftR						0.005
    misc.coronas.flareColShiftG						0.01
    misc.coronas.flareColShiftB						0.03
    misc.coronas.baseValueR							0.0
    misc.coronas.baseValueG							0.0
    misc.coronas.baseValueB							0.0
    misc.coronas.zBias.min				0.0
    misc.coronas.zBias.max				0.35
    misc.coronas.zBias.additionalBias.WaterReflection	5.0
    misc.coronas.zBias.additionalBias.EnvReflection		0.0
    misc.coronas.zBias.additionalBias.MirrorReflection	2.0
    misc.coronas.dir.mult.fadeoff.start					30.0
    misc.coronas.dir.mult.fadeoff.dist					80.0
    misc.coronas.flareScreenCenterOffsetVerticalSizeMult	120.0
    misc.coronas.underwaterFadeDist						4.0
    misc.coronas.m_doNGCoronas						1.0
    misc.coronas.m_rotationSpeed					0.05
    misc.coronas.m_rotationSpeedRampedUp			0.15
    misc.coronas.m_layer1Muliplier					0.5
    misc.coronas.m_layer2Muliplier					0.5
    misc.coronas.m_scaleRampUp						1.5
    misc.coronas.m_scaleRampUpAngle					20.0
    misc.coronas.flareScreenCenterOffsetVerticalSizeMult 0.95
    misc.coronas.screenEdgeMinDistForFade	0.95

    Most, if not all of these settings, apart from coronas, can be edited on the fly using ENB also :thumbsup:

  • @epoqx @a63nt-5m1th

    Short and sweet version.

    A lot of assembly required.

    The most detailed way to edit the light coming from a prop is to edit the prop itself. Each street light prop model has its own Light section in its .ydr/.yft.

    First you export the file to xml from CodeWalker and then you keep editing until you are content with the result.

    This will no doubt require a substantial amount of trial and error, as well as having to initially deal with a somewhat steep learning curve.

    Alternatively, the above can be achieved with 3ds/zmodeler.

    So yes, you will no doubt feel like this :

    alt text

    And then this :

    alt text

    But every time you pull yourself together, and move away from the burning wreckage :

    alt text

    You learn a little more, get a little better, and eventually you will reach you goal.

  • @grateful_for_mods
    Cheers for the heads up :thumbsup:
    You reminded me, you can also edit light intensity/colour/shadows etc in ymap's also.
    I totally forgot :thinking:, I've used that method to add shadows to lights Rockstar forgot about.

  • Come posso abbassare la luce della scritta taxi e le scritte dei bus??

  • @cristian304 said in Lights configuration in visualsettings.dat:

    Come posso abbassare la luce della scritta taxi e le scritte dei bus??

    Try Vanilla Vehicles Emissives Fix [Add-On][.OIV] 1.2 :thumbsup:

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