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Can't change ped density

  • For some reason I can not change the ped density in game.

    I tried https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/higher-peds-density-for-gta-5-for-latest-version-of-game even multiplied the values with 10x but still there is no change at the ped density at all :( Tried "High vehicle density" mod, it works. Tried "Higher vehicles and peds density" mod, only vehicle density increases. Tried https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/simple-increase-traffic-and-pedestrian (popcycle.dat), multiplied every new values with 6x, fishes, birds, vehicles they all increase except damn peds density :(

    Also installed https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/cscenariopoint-patch in case but still same :/

    and the game just feels so empty with such low density ped numbers. You know how crowded Los Angeles streets are and I enjoy having realism in my game, sometimes doing simple role plays and such. However like this, it just feels I'm playing a zombie apocalypse game without any zombies or like corona hit the Los Santos in gta :P

    Can anyone could help me with this issue?

    Thank you everyone in advance.

  • Really need help with this :( I can change anything's density except peds and the game feels so empty like a ghost town :/ What am I missing in here?

    Also use CScenarioPoint-Patch so game can load many scenario peds.

    These are the values in my gameconfig;
    <ScenarioPedsMultiplier_Base value="850"/>
    <ScenarioPedsMultiplier value="1000"/>
    <AmbientPedsMultiplier_Base value="4500"/>
    <AmbientPedsMultiplier value="5000"/>
    <MaxTotalPeds_Base value="800"/>
    <MaxTotalPeds value="2000"/>
    <PedMemoryMultiplier value="5000"/>
    <PedsForVehicles_Base value="800"/>
    <PedsForVehicles value="800"/>

    I mean with all these values.. I should see more peds in game than total ant population inside their nest.. Even the movie theater at Vinewood Hills there are just 10-15 people standing in front of it. and 3 or4 max people walking left or right at total.. :(

  • Not sure but try to edit yours popcycle.dat

    // #Peds is the maximum number of ambient peds you can ever have.
    // #Scenario is the maximum number of scenario peds you can ever have.

    Edit: Oh i just saw you tried, nvm srry

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