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Scripthook V not loading at all.

  • So got a weird one. Not for me, but someone I am trying to help is unable to get scripthook v to load.
    Now, it's not due to an update, and its not working on their steam install or rockstar launcher install.

    From my understanding they have followed exactly what needs to be done to get it to work, as I made a video
    from fresh install of GTA V to just running openiv, then adding Scripthook V, Scripthook . net and 2 minor mods.
    Literally in the video I made, I go from installing the mods, and then launching the game, with no issues,
    but for some reason when he gets in game and presses F4, nothing happens. I am at my wits end as to why it's not loading.
    So looking for some help if possible.

  • Are they using the Epic Games launcher? Because Scripthook V doesn't work with that version. They'll have to wait for an update. Did they install OpenIV.ASI in the game directory from OpenIV? They need that ASI loader to work.

  • @Algonquin1234 Nope, they're using it through steam and rockstar launcher. which is why i'm struggling to understand why it's not working on either of them.

  • Some people have claimed that the new Social Club update messed up their mods but for me it works 100%. If scripthook didn't work the game wouldn't even allow it to boot. Tell them to check the log files. If there's no log files then they're not being activated. Have them install the new version of Windows 10. Maybe the NET Framework needs to be updated

  • I have no idea, might get them to get it on epic store, and hope that there will be an update to get mods working on it. atleast then hopefully he can get it working. doesn't make sense why its not working

  • Well mods won't work with the Epic Games one. Scripthook will not be able to detect game version so they'll have to wait for an update.

  • @Algonquin1234 I know that. That's why i said and hope there will be an update. I am well aware that mods wont work right now on epic launcher installs. I'm not saying that i will get him to install it and then. i just said get him to get it and when there is an update to script hook then get him to try. you don't need to keep repeating yourself on that it doesn't work with epic games one. The whole thing was he was trying through steam and rockstar launcher and it not working for some reason, so when an update comes about for epic games, then try again.

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