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[SCRIPT] The body in the trunk

  • Hello. It would be nice if someone will create a mod in which we can put the corpse in the trunk and then pull

  • Greetings! I agree with you my friend, that would be great.Don't know why there is no such a mod yet.It would be awesome and such a fun thing to do."Sleeping dogs" style :)

  • That true,and better movie in rockstar editor :D

  • O yeah, it would be great! Gta is a world of criminal and deranged murderers, such as Trevor. :) So, it would be nice to have that posibility, you could be a little more creative with killing people, and you can also have that "stealthier approach". Don't know...it sounds fun to me. :)

  • You mean this
    Just in place of car truck, you can find an empty trash.

  • Well yes my friend, thank you...that is the closest thing to what I had in mind, but unfortunately the "lasso" mod does not work with the latest update of the game, and the author of the mod is unreachable.

  • hah funny mod, but i want drop body to all trunk :D

  • The man knows what he wants :) I totally agree with Zmario.By the way, great post man. Hope that someone will make such a mod, I think that it will make a lot of people happy.All the murderers and hitmans out there :)

  • Does anybody know how to make this? ;) Is it to complicated?

  • @igi8000 I understand you, and i am a not modder, but as i know there is no animation or scenarios like that, except lasso, or Drag dead possible ? i'll try to make video with that.


  • Oh I understand now, thank you my friend.And thanks for your clip, very nice of you.In that case, I'll have to wait for the author of lasso to update mod, it's the closest thing to what I want, and meaby I can use it to somehow put the body in the trunk of a car.

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