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  • I’m new to the community and I downloaded gta 5 from the epic games store for my pc...yeah I know, but I just want to know how to delete mods specifically,For example if I didn’t Want a specific mod I tried out do I just delete wherever the file is?

  • Well

    If you downloaded

    • a script: you can just remove the script file.
    • an add-on vehicle: you can just remove the file entry from dlclist.xml
    • a replacement vehicle: You should have a backup, to restore the replaced files with
    • a .oiv mod: These can be anything. If you're lucky, there's a uninstall script. Otherwise you should have backups, based on the installation files in the .oiv.

    Using a mods folder should guarantee you always have the original game files.


    mods won't work for the time being on epic games version as scripthookv needs updated to work with it

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