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A problem of Menyoo Spooner mode combination with GTA V Redux

  • I use GTA V Redux mod and menyoo trainer. If I enter spooner mode (F9), all vehicles become past-gen (speedometers and etc. are low-res and not animated, steering wheel becomes lowpoly. After restart anything is normal but if I again enter Spooner mode, this problem repeats. Is it able to be fixed? (Wrote using my poor english vocabulary.)

  • Well, not exactly the exact solution but I can offer a new way around it.

    Backup mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle.
    Delete Redux :P
    Install VisualV
    Replace the timecycle files with the one you backed up. There isn't any difference.

  • I want to add that with any graphics mods if i spawn something in spooner mode (just entering does nothing), the whole map becomes lowpoly low-res lod that disappears and appears. Cars, pedestrians, plants, water in some areas and objects are still visible and high-poly lol, collision with them and the whole map is working well.

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