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turn off cops and others

  • New to modding is there any scripts to turn off the other charaters in the backgrounds, so you can fly without crashing ect

  • @OGanime71 Menyoo has that option.
    Player Options - Never Wanted.
    Misc - Decrease Ped/Vehicle Population (some vehicles can still spawn but very very rarely, the roads will be just empty streets. Doesn't effect AI planes and choppas).

    There is also Simple Trainer which I like more myself. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    Honestly, I would suggest using Simple Trainer instead (espcially if it has remove AI peds/vehicles option, not sure).
    Here are my reasons;
    While you have wanted level, you can't activate never wanted in Menyoo. You have to lower your current wanted level in Menyoo all the way to 0, only then Never Wanted option becomes avaliable. There are some police/wanted mods that using scripts and due their way of purpose they prevent you to lower your wanted level (not spesifically intend to do that but that's just how the mod works). Thus you won't be able to remove your wanted level with Menyoo. Simple Trainer on the other hand always has Never Wanted avaliable.

    Very unfortunately and a big shame Menyoo doesn't have the XMAS weather option....................... Simple Trainer does <3

    Shitstar prevent you spawn some dlc vehicles (Schlagen for example) in singleplayer. You need an extra mod to enable those vehicles in singleplayer so when you spawn them with Menyoo, they don't disappear after 2 seconds :P Simple Trainer has that included in it and you can spawn them like any other vehicles.

    Of course Menyoo has it's own advantages as well like freemode camera, make yourself static and manually move at X,Y,Z axis. Very useful when doing poses for taking photos, selfies..

  • Oh and, I think you can use both of them at the same time as well. Didn't try myself yet but saw some videos both of them are being in use.

  • thanks for tne help

  • Banned

    Enhanced Native Trainer can disable wanted and also has many other very useful features.

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