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Gangs invasion at Vespucci Beach?

  • Hi,
    How can I get rid off gangs hanging at Vespucci beach, please?
    They appeared after World of Variety install.
    I was OK with the default beach peds all right ! :^)
    Thank you!

  • Banned

    @mcdim World of Variety installs Gangs of Los Santos as well. You'd have to remove WoV to get rid of them.

  • I am OK with Gangs of LS in general, I just want to clean Vespucci beach :). I have vague impression that could be achieved modifying "popgroups.ymt" file, but there are few of them in installation and it is not obvious what to modify there. To start with I don't see any gang members assigned to Vespucci beach, just general public :(.
    Thanks for replying anyway!

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