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Cannot enter replaced car

  • Hello I am new to the forum and modding. I have "successfully" converted a gta4 to gta5 car with the help of some tutorials , zmodeler and openiv. I have learned a lot but there is so much more to learn. I am having an issue with the modded car after I import it in to gta5. I am unable to enter the car. I press y nothing happens, it does not even make a motion like it tries to enter the car. I also see the car I replaced driving around without drivers in them.

    My question is what could cause the car to not be entered. Without going over the list of everything I did, I am pretty sure I got the doors on their axis properly and all my collisions configured properly. Even without that, I thought I should be able to get in the car without the door opening.

    Any help for this newb would be greatly appreciated.


  • Nevermind , It was my lack of understanding. I was missing the seat dummy objects.

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