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[SCRIPT] turn any car into a police car!

  • basically i think a great mod would be you can turn any car into a cop car, If you drive a Duke into Los Customs go into a Misc category and choose maybe something like inside light bar, like a red/blue light in each side of your front and back window like the FIB buffalo? or maybe a tear-drop that when you turn on the siren, you character puts it on the roof??? i have yet to see that, and i think it would be great if you could go Nash Bridges on their @$$ lol. let me know what you guys think!!

  • I can try that mod. It might be a very simple mod requiring 15 mins to make.
    Do you really want someone to make and upload such a mod. Reply me if you want. I will do it

  • that would be a awesome mod

  • omg, I was just looking to see if anyone did this, I saw this tread, without looking who started it, I was like "yea I totally agree".... then it hit me, I wrote that 2 years ago!?!? lol. anyways, does anyone know if that ever became a thing?

  • @aniMK16 It has been years, but have you tried creating that mod?

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