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[SOLVED] the police want not catch me

  • When I play the police did not want to chase me.
    when I have three stars,
    only helicopter chasing me

    mod i have :
    Enchanced trainer
    Script hook V
    Scene editor
    Skin control

  • @Zmarlo your english is Cute :) i like you. but sadly i have no idea , what could be wrong.

  • @Zmarlo Do you have the "Everybody Ignores Player" (or whatever that option is called in that trainer) option turned on?

  • @LeeC2202 oh yea. the option is called something like "Police Ignore you" [OFF/On] better check it out @Zmarlo . Lee is right. do let us know if, it was helpful.

  • Okey it's Works thanks :D

  • @Zmarlo Great news. @LeeC2202 cheers mate. you helped him. @GTATerminal [Solved]

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