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Multiple Livery

  • For the past few days, I have been trying to understand how vehicle livery works.

    I downloaded a Kawasaki motorbike for my FiveM server, it spawns with the default livery and it is called "livery1" in the .ytd

    So I have in logic, create a "livery2" and a "livery3", they do not detect ingame, I verify that the flash has livery is well indicated in the vehicles.meta and it is the case.

    I tried to rename the livery too but without success, I always have the first one.

    Do you have a solution ? did i miss a step?

    I put you below the link to the bike so that you can look and understand to better explain me, if possible.
    Download MEGA


  • @Twikii try renaming the liveries to livery_sign_1, livery_sign_2 and livery_sign_3

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