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Dirt multipliers ?

  • So, i've tried to find the multipliers for the dirtiness, and I found one in the 'weathers.xml' which is 'vehicle_dirt_mod', tried different numbers until '999999'...
    and even after trying multiple time on the good weather, after 10 min of driving in dust areas my car is only a little bit dirty.

    I've been carefull to test this with a car using 'dirtLevelMax' at 1.0 in the 'vehicle.meta'.

    I've searched in multiple files for lines with 'dirt' in it but there don't seem to be a lot of these...

    My objective is to make the car dirty way faster.

    Is there another keyword for the dirt effect on cars used in game ? Or any other lines that can act as multipliers for a global dirtiness ?

  • up !

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