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Mods in Epic Games GTA 5 new here

  • Hello guys! I have been playing GTA for a long long time since xbox 360. Never thought I would buy it a 3rd time for PC specially because Ive done story mode 5 or 6 times and online has been down hill non stop. However, I got the news from a friend and downloaded for free in Epic Games. Ive been watching modding videos being specially interested on swapping the SP character model, replace all cars in the game with car packs, maybe adding apartments and houses but above all, playing the LSPD mod. However, Ive seen that many (if not all) mods are dependent somehow on Scripthook. So my question is if I skip the Scripthook (at least until update) would I be able to mod the game at all with the mods mentioned or do I have to wait? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • You can still install mods like cars and use them since they don't require scripthook, script mods however like trainers do on the other hand.

    There is this mod however https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/asi-support-for-rage-plugin-hook allows ragepluginhook run scripthook mods but I don't know is ragepluginhooks need to be updated as well.

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