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Cars in Traffic all the same, addons cars rarely spawning in traffic

  • Hey guys,

    so i just finished adding a dozen of addons cars (and 3-4 replace cars) successfully. Then i modified popgroups.ymt to add the addons cars in traffic. However suddenly i'm seeing a big increase in traffic eventho i havent touched that (Natural vision mod is and was installed before) and most cars in traffic are the same cars over and over again. I barely see my modded cars, i can drive around for 20min and find only 2-3 addons cars in traffic. I haven't touched popcycle at all and already increased car variety in settings.xml.

    What can i do to fix this or increase the addon cars spawn rate/frequency?

  • i have reset my gameconfig file and traffic amount seems to be fixed however i know see some cars (probably the modded ones) in traffic but dissapear once i get closer

  • or is it possible that certain VEH_RICH car are not triggered to spawn if you didnt advance the story mode? I'm at the first mission of the game.

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