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Epic Version, Rage works but plugins crash

  • I’ve managed to download the epic version and have installed rage hook

    People have difficulties loading it The usual way as epic will say it’s running. You have to launch it from Epic launcher and when it’s loading then you can use the rage app and it hooks into your game.

    I’ve had no issue yet but the amount of things you can do alone doesn’t seem a lot unless I’m missing out on its functions.

    I tried lspdfr and a rage menu helper to try and as soon as I reload my plugin folder the game crashes and closes them but rage remains open.

    Has anyone had any other plugin or script work with the epic store version or should I wait for scripthook to be patched? I feel like I’m missing out on loads of potential mods that I wished for.

    Would be nice to see if anyone’s had any success or can guide me if I’ve installed anything wrong

  • Just wait for an update. When the game gets updated by a new version we just wait it out. It normally takes about a week to update so just be patient for now. Don't worry. You'll catch up on those mods. They ain't going anywhere.

  • Thanks for responding,
    I know you guys are going to be getting a lot of newbies on here asking the same questions and A lot of eye rolling will be done but I’ve always wanted to mod gta and now is the perfect opportunity.

    I’m not too bothered about scripthook not working yet as I’ve never experienced it to begin with, but having ragehook work has gave me hope that there’s still a few mods that are available for the epic store version

    I will do some searching and see what other people have achieved

    The epic reddit doesn’t allow discussing of modding so hopefully this forum can start picking up with potential new players and people help each other out to achieve what they want.

    I hope to see a car race showdown with other people be possible!

  • Sorry for the double post but I’ve found a guide around script hook not working.

    FiveM is apparently a great alternative and I’ve managed to get meNyou and simple native trainer loaded and not crashing yet the native trainer uses num lock and my laptop ain’t got

    If anyone would like this just search on YouTube ! I would post the video but the guys are probably already on this forum

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