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Vanilla carcols,carvariations etc etc

  • Not sure if this has been asked before but if it has sorry but I really want to know if these files are accessible or still encrypted and no chance of getting them? Theres a few car replacement mods, that I want to make as addons, seeing as there are already car addons, are the modders just making up there on files or are they based on vanilla cars?

  • @UKBanger421 Those meta files can be opened in OpenIV, you won't have a problem getting those from the game.

  • @LeeC2202 The ones I'm trying to access are the files in x64a.rpf, seem like they are still encrypted through OpenIV, wasn't sure if someone had found a way of decrypting them, I'm guessing those carcols carvariation etc etc are the main files of the vanilla cars?

  • @UKBanger421 I don't have any of those in x64a.rpf. I have some in x64w.rpf but those are all readable in OpenIV. Are we talking about carcols.meta and carvariations.meta?

    Ah, do you mean carcols.ymt? I have just found that in x64a.rpf... and those are encrypted. Sorry, I thought you meant the meta files. :(

    Not sure if this will help https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/meta-toolkit

  • @LeeC2202 No problem :) thanks for that link but for the ymt files, that link won't be able to do the job.

    I've managed to get to find a xml converted version of the vanilla carcols.ymt on here, it didn't contain data for all the vehicles in the game, i.e the one i'm currently after data for is the Emperor.

    I have also just noticed on the OpenIV website they have got working the functions to convert the ymt files, so its only a matter of time that OpenIV will be updated.

    Getting these ymt files decrypted can open up a hell of alot more modding.

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