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Crashes with only a few mods. Is there a way to figure this out please send help

  • Hi,

    Installed NVR, VisualV, and LA_Revo and RCA which work flawlessly.

    As soon as i install anything else I get errors most notably a new guard creaton for the page could not be stacked. I get other CTD's aswel with no explanation just the usual launcher message.

    Tried to install world of variety no good. Try to put any other mod even just open interiors and online interiors causes a ctd within mins. Tried installing VWE no good. Luckily i have backed up the files but its not the point Im a noob and ive been working on this alll week with no results so any help would be appreciated

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    @Tiz666 Ever since about January 2020 I started getting constant crashes and I have tried everything to get a stable game. Now when I say I tried everything.... Well I mean everything. Mods, asi loader, ENB reshade, add-ons, scripts, manually loading all mods, new game configs, reinstalled windows 10 and all direct x drivers plus video card updates and roll backs, windows hacks like compatibility or memory......... Like damn. Everything crashes except for vanilla.

    I was about ready to give up. No more modding, no more gta joy rides. Give it all up because a stupid unknown error that is haunting everyone. Then i tried something I'm not allowed to talk about. After some youtube searches I was able to remove the Rockstar launcher and steam.

    I know we don't talk about this, and I'm not here to give a guide, but all this week I have been throwing everything at gta to force a game crash. Nothing, no stutters, no fps drops, no errors when you exit the game outside of a crash, very fast loading. All mods, all cars, everything.

    I really hate to say this because of what it means, but how far do we have to go to get a stable GTA? Like damn, I bought a computer to play this game and I can't even enjoy it.

    Too many people getting game crashes for this to be ignored.

  • Yes @InfiniteQuestion Gonna youtube now thanks Infinite hope this helps

  • Make sure to have a proper installed gameconfig for the current update. NVR uses an old one from 2018. As for crashes to Desktop without any errors, you can check your launcher log in documents to see if anything useful is there. GTA V is a quite unstable game to be honest. If your system is slightly unstable it will crash. It did this all the time in my previous set up. Make sure to have Heap adjuster.asi and cscenariopointpatch.asi as maybe these could help.

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    @Algonquin1234 Myth #1 GTA is an unstable game. I used to think so myself. Had a $1,000 upgrade just to play on high settings. This lasted about 3 months til about January. Til last week I would have agreed it was unstable. The only thing I did was remove both launchers. No more errors, no more stutters in Fps, no more crashes. 48 hours running straight with alt tab on a fully modded game. Unstable game - launchers = Stability

    Myth #2 An updated gameconfig is required to run stable. Go look at the comments for the latest gameconfig. Makes me wanna cry listening to their pleas for a working gameconfig. I used to be one of them. Maybe in the past a newer one was needed, but for the current game update, the problem isn't the gameconfig. I'm a little selective in the cars I have in game, but currently have about 10 custom cars and bikes. I was so scared of adding any more cars cause I was gonna make gta mad at me. Now I'm throwing everything I can at it to force a crash.

    We need to do more to help with these crashes other than just saying "make sure everything is up to date"

  • @Tiz666 For the error result in this forum from the past. It might just help you out. Do not use open interiors. It results in crashes. The same goes if you use EnableMP Cars so don't get that mod either.

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