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Alternative Scripthook

  • Hi,

    I'm new here, i always modded gta on the pc, then i started playing on the ps4 and now i'm back at pc and i want to mod all kinds of things.

    I have the free gta 5 epic store version but that doesnt work with the scripthook, and i noticed that scripthook is really needed to do some cool stuff.

    Can i use a other script to get things working ?
    If not how long will it take when scripthook is back ?
    Or is someone working on a scripthook alternative?


    no and there’s no definite answer to how long it takes, it can vary from a few days to over a week

  • @ricardo026 yes you can use ragehook and fiveM also gives you the ability to still use scripthook on epic. Some mods are hit and miss but it’s a good start and better then nothing.

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