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Noob need help with steam

  • Im new to gta5 and its mods, watched some of iggy freshs videos and kind of liked them so i figured id give it a go. i have gta5for pc through steam. ive downloaded the money mod and scripthookv. the readme for the moneydll says to put it in the scripts folder but i dont see a scripts folder. also do i need both scripthookv and openlv to get the mods to work or is it one of the two? thanks for the help in advance...

  • @tardster create a folder and name it "scripts" and put it in the same place where your gta5.exe is located and yes, you basically need scripthookv and openiv to use most mods. You should also install scripthookvdotnet

  • ok so for steam that would be in the c/drive/bla/bla steamapps folder correct?

  • @tardster yes correct

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