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slod_human Model

  • I'm sure most of you know about the models "slod_human" "slod_large_quadped" and "slod_small_quadped". These are simply low poly, vague figures that appear at great distances to keep your frame rate as high as possible. Why do I bring this up? Here's what I was wondering.

    I had this "brilliant" idea to take one of these slod models and put it into the world as a definable pedestrian with its own personality and combat info. The only problem is that during the process of spawning said pedestrian, the game instantly crashes.

    I figured this was intentional on R*'s part, because instead of creating a completely new entry, I added the base "slod_human" itself into the Menyoo "menyooStuff/PedsList.xml" file under the name "Vague Human Figure". Once I even highlighted this entry, the game instantly crashed.

    So, instead of giving up, I tried copying and pasting that same model into the AddonPeds mod and adding it onto the list under the model name "slod_human_ped".

    Needless to say, I got the same result.

    I was wondering if anyone knew a way I could add this ped into the world without it crashing entirely?

  • when you create this ped , you can get far from it.Then you just can create this ped in game. and do you know other ped or entities like slod_human?

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