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GTA keeps updating clearing my xml edits

  • I tried to add in new cars with OpenIV. I edit the xml file and it saves, but when I try to run the game, it tells me I have to update to play, and when I do, it erases all the changed I did to the xml file. I turned off the auto update, but it tells me I have to update to play. I just want to add in more cars. Any one else have this problem, and found a solution? Thanks

  • Almost forgot, it's a retail copy, and it asks me to run it thru the Rockstar launcher, and that is where it tells me I have to update it to play. When it updates, it clears out all my edits. Any way to prevent that?

  • Did you edit them in the mods folder? If you didn't then that's the reason why. Never edit the original files. Always in the mods folder.

  • Ah, I did not know what it was asking me when I saw that. Seems to have fixed it, Thanks.

  • Glad I could help. Mark as Solved.

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