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Any kind of serial killer mods?

  • Are there any kind of mods where you can be a serial killer?

  • @FreakyHokage isn't that the point of GTA? If what I did last night wasn't serial killing then I must be damn desensitized.

    On the other hand, a mod that has a serial killer relentlessly stalking you would be very interesting...

  • That's true but that's just mass murder. There should be a mod where you have a "notorious" meter that fills when you kill people. Also bodies don't disappear until they're discovered by either other peds and or cops and get you a notorious bonus they're when discovered. When found the bodies get replaced by a chalk outline.

    Now the higher the meter is the harder it's to kill. there's less peds walking on the street because they know that there is a killer on the loss and also there's more of a police presence then usual while they search for the killer.

    If spotted by a ped or a cop while you kill someone it's automatically full stars. You can hide to get the stars off but once spotted by any cop it's auto 5 stars.

    Sorry for the typo's.

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