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IWestern models for GTAV

  • please, if any modellers are interested:

    I could use a few models to help develop a real cowboys and Indians Western mod.

    I need:

    1. a long bow.
      Well two but one with a bent string and arrow, the other a straight string. Also if you would replace the "w_me_flashlight.ydr" for an Arrow it will be great. I use that already to shoot, so an arrow will be sweet.

    2. a saddle complete with a rifle scabbord.
      The scabbord should be empty, fit a rifle. I will script it in and out.
      The saddle should fit Queches13's horse.
      Stirrups.. well maybe not any, unless the are unattached and separate models from saddle.

    3. Stagecoach, not a Bus but old west style. With doors, seats and a front axle connected to the leader poles. Please fit one or two Queches13's horses. I will script them to pull it.

    Any other models like a Teepee etc..

    Thanks, I hope I catch some help.

    Here's a test of a mission with cowboys and Indians.

    Here's a bit more showing horse and Rider animations, also horse kick attack at end of video.

    Please Western models!!?

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