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How to use OnItemSelect += (sender, item, index) => twice?

  • so i am trying to make a modmenu but i can only use a "if" statement for on thing

    vehicleoptions.OnItemSelect += (sender, item, index) =>

             if (item == adder)
                 Vehicle car = World.CreateVehicle("ADDER", Game.Player.Character.Position);
                 Game.Player.Character.SetIntoVehicle(car, VehicleSeat.Driver);

    but if i want to use it with a other item while this enabled i will get an error:

    A local or parameter named 'index' cannot be declared in this scope because that name is used in an enclosing local scope to define a local or parameter

    it also says the exact same about sender and item does anyone know how to fix this?

    i also tried the "else" and end method but dind't work

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